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i&R to develop and apply innovation skills 

Play learn and design, that’s it. New learning methods must be based on systemic or integrative thinking strategies, based on the stimulation of “thinking skills”.  Only such an approach will allow fostering personal as well as collective competencies to embed emerging technologies into products and services.  After 30 years applying technology to instructional design, a clear conclusion is that in spite that learning and teaching has been enhanced with the use of  multimedia and network technology, the key is that learning is a social activity. (LR: Alex Trejo. Josep Mª Monguet, Jordi Varela and Tino Martí)

Working on PINNTS. Innovation skills in a health environment
Develop and assess tools and strategies to foster innovation in healthcare professional teams … +

Former research

[pt] PSIX. Consensus based learning model for mental health cases
PSIX p is a project of the “Societat Catalana de Psiquiatria i Salut Mental” that applies a learning model combining interactive video, social media and consensus tools. +


[wp] etr. Evaluación online ETRen Tiempo Real + +p
Monguet, JMª, Sampieri, M., & Ferruzca, M. (2006). UPC, LAM. Barcelona: huntingmammoths.net.
Which is the effect of using an artifact of real time assessment during a lecture to a group of distance students? Findings show a positive impact during the evaluation and lecture sessions because the students receive immediate feedback about their learning process.
# Ferruzca, M., Monguet, J., Sampieri, M., Grimón, F., & Fábregas, J. (2007). Cognitive implications of using an artifact for real-time evaluations and lectures in a graduate level course. World Conference on Educational Media and Technology (pp. 3257-3264). Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). +
# Fabregas, J., Ferruzca, M., Grimon, F., Monguet, JMª & Sampieri, M. (2005). Assessing Real Time Evaluation Practices in different learning environments. Recent Research Developments in Learning Technologies (2005) 1 (pp. 53-58). Formatex. +

[p] Efecto del blendend learning sobre el rendimiento y la motivación de los estudiantes
Monguet, JMª,  Fábregas, J.J., Delgado, D.,  Grimón, F.,  Herrera, M. (2006). Interciencia.
El objetivo del trabajo fue explorar el efecto que tiene el grado de presencia (blended learning) que se requiere de los estudiantes durante el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje, sobre el rendimiento y el interés por la materia objeto de aprendizaje, utilizando como estrategia didáctica el método de casos de estudio. +

[wp] Evaluation in groups
Analysis of impact on individual students of collective assessment of teams during the class.
# Guerra, L., Grimón, F., Herrera, M., & Monguet, JMª (2013). Behavioral analysis model for sharing knowledge in virtual groups. Global Journal on Technology. 3rd World Conference on Information Technology, 3. +
# Guerra, L., Grimón, F., Herrera, M., & Monguet, JMª (2013). Modelo para el análisis de expectativas de éxito en grupos colaborativos virtuales. Revista de Tecnología de Información y Comunicación en Educación, 7 (1). +

Research on Learning Tools +

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