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Bibliographic references are classified in 3 main chapters: – Science and technology – Creativity and design – Business and management A 4th group is aimed at the field of participation and collective intelligence. Although books do not always fall exactly in one of these categories, it is a simple organization, …

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i&R | Co-Learning

i&R to develop and apply innovation skills  Play learn and design, that’s it. New learning methods must be based on systemic or integrative thinking strategies, based on the stimulation of “thinking skills”.  Only such an approach will allow fostering personal as well as collective competencies to embed emerging technologies into products and services.  After 30 …

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i&R | SmartDelphi

i&R to design, develop and assess participative tools and strategies Boston,  June 2014, Collective Intelligence Conference at MIT. A perfect scenario to discuss the design of Smart Delphi and the huge research opportunities. Delphi has been modified in many ways since the 60’s, but nowadays digital strategies may propel creativity much more than before. …

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i&R | Potential of innovation

i&R to discover how to help organisations to manage their innovation.  The years working with Josep Aguilà were so great. Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge, and Aguilà was one of the first to alert that innovation had become the key driver for success in business. Business models must evolve according …

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i&R | Team Equilibrium

i&R to help teams and organisations to become more efficient and effective After so many years of working in teams, different in sizes and coats, having much more failures than successes, something has been learnt: We always try to get a better environment but it takes time and a lot of …



Pràctiques per a gestionar el component negoci de la innovació. Deconstrucció. Model de negoci Màrqueting. Vendre innovació – – – – – El Somni. Salvador Dalí    



Pràctiques per a organitzar i gestionar la innovació amb mètode. Gestió líquida. Disseny de la recerca. Gestió del disseny. Categories de disseny – – – – El cant els ocells. Pau Casals



Pràctiques per a promoure la innovació en xarxa.   República. Xarxes digitals. Datafying. Dades – – – – Casa Batlló. Antoni Gaudí



Pràctiques per a veure  la innovació de forma sistèmica. Síntesi artística. Artificial learning reality. Gamificació. Transformació digital Empatia tec. Fabricació – – – Model d’eleccció per parelles. Ramon Lllull.    


Social physics

Pràctiques per a gestionar les contribucions col.lectives a la innovació. Joc seriós. Física social Stakeholders roleplay. Usuaris Economia circular. Tribus i tendències – – – Les tres bessones. Roser Capdevila