4[p] Collection and Integration of Local Knowledge and Experience through a Collective Spatial Analysis.
Castillo-Rosas, J. D., Diez-Rodríguez, J. J., Jiménez-Vélez, A. F., Núñez-Andrés, M. A., & Monguet-Fierro, J. M. (2017). ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 6(2), 33.
A prototype of a WEB-GSDSS allows a group of people to participate anonymously and asynchronously in a decision-making process to locate goods, services, or events through the convergence of their views. Two case studies for planning services in districts of Ecuador and Italy were carried out + [Paper]

[cp] Geospatial model e-health planning collective intelligence
Vélez, A. F. J., Rosas, J. D. C., & Fierro, J. M. M. (2016, March).
In eDemocracy & eGovernment (ICEDEG), 2016 Third International Conference on (pp. 121-125). IEEE.
A collective intelligence spatial model allowing creation of geospatial patterns on the territorial allocation of equipment and health services considering the needs of population. + [Paper]

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