[p] A Multidisciplinary Approach to Sexual Behavior Profiles: The SEX360 Model
García-Cruz, E., Monguet, JMª, Marre, D., González, M., Peraza, M. F., Sánchez, C. & Alcaraz, A.  Sexuality & Culture, 1-11.

Real-time Delphi dynamics was used to develop a multidisciplinary questionnaire for defining individual sexual behavior profiles. The questionnaire was developed by a panel of experts with research experience in the fields of urology, gynecology, psychology, anthropology, and sexology. A specific approach was applied to assign a bias to each question, shifting the center of gravity of each 6-point scale, depending on the relevance of each question for the diverse variables of the model. The resulting bias was translated to a factor to be applied to the score. + [Paper]

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