TRHThe Telerehabilitation System co directed by Helena Bascuñana  & Josep Mª Monguet since 2008, has been awarded as the best project with the eHealth Best in Class 2014. TRHLAB, implemented in Hospital de Sant Pau, has had the unconditional support of all the team of the Rehabilitation Service of Hospital de Sant Pau and the engineer Alex Trejo from Onsanity.


The TRHLAB system aims to facilitate the transformation and modernisation of Hospital Rehabilitation Services through the construction of a virtuous circle in which the development of solutions is based on the involvement of stakeholders using a model featuring the following characteristics:
Distributed. TRHLAB essentially exists in the cloud and aims to find a space in each hospital rehabilitation unit.
Open. TRHLAB is open to participation by all centers and professionals, who are able and willing to engage in the development and implementation of the system on different levels: users, innovators and researchers.
Networked. TRHLAB  is built on a network where rehabilitation therapies are  tested and validated by multi-centric clinical trials.

eSpasty is part of the TRHLAB system, a telemedicine tool to assess and follow the effect of botulinum toxin in patients with spasticity that causes walking disability. The model is based in recording and sending video  and the rating scales from home with the regularity established by the doctor.  The patient has access to videos that show how to perform the therapies that have been proven beneficial to optimize the effect of the toxin.

Research: TRHLAB Modelo de Innovación
Presentation: TRHLAB en Hospital de Sant Pau 2012 
Notes: La tele-rehabilitación emerge en aras de un paciente más autónomo y mejocontrolado   

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