Postgraduate workshop on innovación

The PINNTS postgraduate workshop focuses the team’s* effort on an innovation project, relevant to the organisation.

Program UCF  |  Platform CKC

To whom is it addressed?
Aimed at health and social professionals who want to participate in innovation projects.
What’s the goal?
To innovate in the creation of a totally new product, service or process, or one that improves the current situation. Contribute to the development of the organisation’s own innovation model and culture.
Eminently practical learning.
All the concepts and models proposed are applied on the one hand to understand real cases of innovation and on the other to develop the innovation project chosen and proposed from the participants’ own professional environment.
All the content of the course is aimed at channelling knowledge and talent towards the creation of an innovation project that responds to a challenge and that is carried out working as a team.

Digital tools are applied to:
– Optimize the distribution of tasks in the team.
– Collect ideas with the participation of other professionals and users.
– Agree project decisions within the organisation.

Innovate is to create an entirely new product, service or process or to improve a current one, and each organisation must develop its own model and culture of innovation.

The PINNTS postgraduate workshop:
– Integrally develops the skills for innovation.
– Allows the team to start its own innovation project.
– Promotes the extension of innovation in the health and social system.
– Fosters the values and culture of innovation.

Although innovation is largely the result of the exponential development of technology, social and economic reasons for innovation must be understood, but above all, innovation is the design of transformations, incremental and/or disruptive, in the provision of services.

* La inscripció al curs és en equip.