Design, development and assessment of participative tools and strategies

Boston,  June 2014, Collective Intelligence Conference at MIT. A perfect scenario to discuss the design of Smartdelphi and the huge research opportunities. Delphi has been modified in many ways since the 60’s, but nowadays digital strategies may propel creativity much more than before. (LR: Alex Trejo, Tino Martí and Josep Mª Monguet)

Working on Smart Delphi. Digitally enhanced Delphi. (Real Time Delphi)

Former research

[bc] Assessment of Chronic Health Care through an internet consensus tool.
Monguet JMª, Trejo, A., Martí, T., Espallargues, M., Serra-Sutton, V., Escarrabill, J. (2015) . In “Handbook of Research on Trends in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic. IGI Global.
An internet based application created to promote and facilitate the participation of health professionals in the definition of a set of indicators used in the assessment of chronic care  management + [Note]

[cp] Collective health policy making in the Catalan Health System: applying Health Consensus to priority setting and policy monitoring.
Marti, T., Monguet, JMª, Trejo, A., Escarrabill, J., & Constante, C. (2014). Collective Intelligence 2014. +
Health consensus introduces a breakthrough in health policy participation, allowing thousands of participants to come along regardless of geographic and professional limitations +

[wp] Collective Intelligence Education
The focus of the research is the conception and experimentation of models that promote collective intelligence education in the field of innovation.
Monguet, JMª, Meza, J. (2014). An educational model to improve collective intelligence of groups. Edulearn14. 6th international conference on education and new learning technologies (pp. 432-440). Barcelona: IATED Publications. +
Monguet, JMª, Meza, J. (2014). Guess the Score, Fostering Collective Intelligence in the Class. E-Learning, E-Education, and Online Training. Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering Volume 138. (pp. 116-122). Bethesda: Springer International Publishing. +

[wp] Design research
The project Dynamisation of Research in Design (dRD) aims at collaboration between companies and design schools based on the connection between design research and innovation. +
Monguet, JMª, Ferruzca, M. (2015)  Notas sobre investigación en diseño e innovación. Taller Servicio 24 horas. 20 . (pp. 17 -28). UAM. +
# BCD/Minitserio de Industria G. España. (2014).  Estudio de viabilidad para el impulso de una plataforma para la investigación en diseño guiada por la demanda de innovación. +

[bc] Vector Consensus Model 
Monguet, JMª; Gutiérrez, A.; Ferruzca, et al.  (2012). Organizational Integration of Enterprise Systems and Resources: Advancements and Applications. IGI Global.
Web 2.0 Participation has become a key strategy to take the right decisions in complex and multi-professional environments, and digital consensus tools allow the integration of costumers, users or employee’s points of view and interests +
Vector Consensus: Decision Making for Collaborative Innovation Communities
Monguet, JMª; Ferruzca, M.; Gutierrez, A.; et al. (2010). In ENTERprise Information Systems Communications in Computer and Information Science. Vol. 110. +

[p] The Barcelona Design System: Understanding the Past from the Present and Gathering Opinions Concerning the Future.
Calvera, A., Monguet, JMª. (2008). 6th International Conference of Design History and Design Studies, ICDHS 2008 OSAKA. +
#Calvera, A., Monguet, JMª. (2007).disseny_cat: elements per a una política de disseny a Catalunya. CIDEM. Generalitat de Catalunya. +