Design guided innovation

Innovation is, essentially, a multidisciplinary activity, and Dintoolkit integrates and presents orderly, a diversity knowledge from the fields of design, technology and management.

The innovation project, the guiding thread of the book, allows to discover and apply the knowledge and techniques proposed. Innovation always responds to a need that people have, that can be achieved with the available technology and that can be channelled to the market thanks to a business model that makes it viable.

Monguet, Josep Mª & Trejo, Alex. (2018). Innovació guiada pel disseny. Iniciativa Digital Politècnica. UPC. Download PDF from UPC Commons. Buy in Amazon

Knowledge is structured in 15 chapters, ordered in a map of two axes, the thematic (technology, design and business) and the innovation process (challenge, solution, proposal, prototype and market). In each chapter multiple Cases are analised.

Project Technology Design Business
i|CHALLENGE 1|Digital context of knowledge. 2|Creativity. Production of ideas. 3|Team working. Multidisciplinarity.
ii|SOLUTION 4|Extended reality and augmented humans. 5|Design methods. 6|Anticipating future  scenarios.
iii|PROPOSAL 7|Digital transformation. Gaming. 8|Design management. 9|Participation and collective action.
iv|PROTOTYPE 10|Services manufacturing. 11|Use experience and co-creation. 12|Innovation leadership and entrepreneurship.
v|MARKET 13|Big data and transparency. 14|Real time research. 15|Market and innovation value.